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Getting entangled with the Criminal Justice system is a daunting experience for anyone. Whatever the case may be, it can affect your family, your job, but most importantly, your freedom.

Our mission

We understand that criminal cases are very stressful, which is why we’re here to guide you through every step of the way, outlining your options and making it as straightforward as possible. You need someone you can trust and with our team of professionals you can rest assured they’ll handle your case with the due care and commitment you deserve by providing strategic, considerate and practical advice.

It’s never just another case, another client. Every person we deal with is unique and every case has its own specific issues. We are fully committed to providing you with the very best service available, every time.

How we can help with Criminal Law cases

Our criminal lawyers have over 80 years of combined experience and enjoy an excellent reputation in cases, whether relating to general crime, financial services investigations, serious fraud, money laundering, offences under the Bribery Act, health and safety investigations or internal and corporate investigations.

We can also attend at the Police Station for free – just ask for Warwick Vesey Solicitors and regardless of what the police say, we will be there within 45 minutes to help you in an interview. If you are asked to go in we can meet you and go in with you.

Legal aid in the Magistrates is subject to a means test by the Government, if you pass it’s free. We can still help you if you fail the means test as we can assist in other ways, which we can advise you on. If there is no legal aid available then we can provide you with a reasonable fixed price to deal with your matter. We accept payment in full or in structured payments.

Criminal Law in Birmingham
I have known Ian for a good number of years. I have always received excellent instructions when he has instructed counsel. He has the ability to keep clients happy and has a good rapport with the Judiciary. Micky

West Midlands

Motoring matters

We also specialise in driving offences and driving convictions and have a wide range of experience in successfully dealing with such cases. In particular we look to help people who may be liable for disqualification as a totter (points adding up to 12) by working closely with them and putting together a case for them not to be disqualified. Whether it’s a speeding fine, speeding points or speeding tickets, we can give you best advice and help you build a convincing case from the ground up.

Criminal Law solicitors for motoring offences in Birmingham

Food Hygiene and Food Distribution Regulation

We offer a bespoke service to anyone in the Food Distribution industries. This covers the wholesaler through to the restaurant or takeaway side.

Food hygiene speaks for itself and should you be asked by your enforcement authority to attend an interview or go to court, we are here to help. People often overlook the fact that they can request a Solicitor to attend all interviews and in most cases, this is vital. Often we can deal with the authorities in such a manner that prevents the matter being taken to court, removing altogether the potential for bad publicity that comes from a Public Hearing.

On the 13th December 2014, a little known EU directive outlining what potential allergens there are in foods came into effect. We are working with Edu-Plus on delivering the right information to the Thai community on this, but clearly we’re happy to help anyone in the meantime. At the present time, breaches, if taken to court can carry a £5000.00 fine plus costs and Victim Surcharge. It’s the owner or manager who faces this sanction but we can assist you with the interview and help you avoid any enforcement action in the courts.

Prices and Rates

Food hygiene interviews Food labelling
£480 (fixed fee of £400 + VAT + parking*) £360 (fixed fee interview of £300 + VAT + parking*)

* This covers attendance wherever you are in the country by one of our experts at the interview with you.

Food hygiene and food distribution cases
Mr Vesey speaks plain English and common sense, clearly at the top of his game and professional to a fault, yet completely approachable. As I have indicated, very easy to talk to and “keeps you in the loop” so that an otherwise overwhelming situation becomes understandable, to actually the point of instilling a level of personal confidence that you have a true grip of what is happening. I cannot recommend Mr Vesey highly enough. Jo


Criminal Law Birmingham
No matter where your case is, we have a team of specialist Barristers around the country (England and Wales), who we work closely with to ensure you receive the right level of representation within a reasonable fee.
Plain speaking solicitors for Criminal Law in Birmingham

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